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iPhone XS is a new and latest launch of apple and a new addition to the iPhone series. It is a second iteration in the iPhone X line and is a bit smoother and even better version. If you love to have a phone with the widescreen it has to be your pick. Comes with really amazing camera features and fast charging speed. It has this wonderful speed and usability which amazes and attracts its users even more. Apple fans always wait impatiently to get their hands on the latest launch and apple never disappoints them. Every new launch is better than the previous one, making sure to keep alive the core feature of simplicity. This new iphone XS is truly amazing and it is worth the buy. Apple never lets you down and gives you the best value of your money. If you are an iPhone fan and you have this so fantastic phone you would want to protect it the best way possible.

TwelveSouth BookBook Case Review

Here is a personalized review which will help you add in another durable, functional, long lasting and excellent quality case to your collection to protect your phone.


It is made of genuine leather, and its pure quality ensures the durability of it. Leather adds in the elegance and is also recommended for long-lasting use. It is a classic case with decent design and reliability. This leather case would add in a style statement and will definitely make you and your phone stand out in a crowd. This leather cover will make your phone recognizable and standing out among the other ordinary phones. This leather cover is made to suit you and your personality the best way it could.


This leather cover will protect your iPhone XS. It is a 3 in 1 phone case maximizing the functionality and usability. It has this bookish style with a removable iPhone shell that fits securely in the pocket and in your wallet, it is designed to give you the most security it could provide. This shell can easily be removed from the phone for when you don’t need it and when it is not necessary.

Built-in Space for Holding Items

It also has a built-in hands-free stand for you to go hands-free whenever you need to. It will face timing or viewing videos an even better experience. The leather bound cover keeps all your cards secure and protected and in one place, it looks like no other leather case and designed to give you the best it can give. The interior wallet has 4 slots to store cards with a side pocket to keep bills. What else do you want?


It is available in only one color which is brown and this brown leather case looks magnificent.


It is easily available on Amazon at $60, which is not very expensive or heavy on your budget and is worth buying. It doesn’t cost a lot for all the qualities, you should definitely buy it.

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