iBattz Mojo Invictus Armor for iPhone 7

With people wanting more battery time, this case seems to seal the deal. Apple iPhones are known for their battery drainage and you can see several cases with recharging capabilities. Well, iBattz Mojo Invictus comes with a twist. A case that provides extra batteries for prolonged battery life, alongside safeguarding against impacts, is highly recommended.

People who rock the iPhone 7, can grab this phone case too. After the success of the iBattz phone covers having batteries, their concept was invited into the market at light speed.

This review mentions the iBattz Mojo Invictus Armor for iPhone 7

Charge your Phone on the go

The iBattz Mojo Invictus Armor weighs around 6 ounces and has two, 3 Milliampere batteries installed in the case which can be removed and replaced with ease. If you have an ample stock of batteries, then you can just keep swapping the batteries without having to put your phone on charge. Both these batteries can charge your phone up to 70%. It is way greater than other phone cases that have built-in lightning port recharging devices installed. This model also proves to be nicer for the environment. The batteries prove to have more recharge cycles as compared to other lithium batteries.

Compact and Sleek Design

It has a power button situated on the bottom, which does not come in the way when you put the phone face up or down. It also has a built-in LED system, that indicates the power left and when they need to be replaced or charged. These batteries recharge trough micro USB. As there are two batteries placed at the back of the phone, it makes the phone rather heavier, but the case itself is not bulky at all. Apart from the battery weight, the iBattz Mojo case looks after the phone very well.

The logo of iBattz is present on the lower back of the case, giving it a simple and sophisticated look.

Coming towards the installation procedure. To put the case on, a 3-part process is involved. The bottom part is present for the lightning and batteries along with their USB ports. On top of which, is the top plate, that encases the phone securely.  Then comes the back case that covers the batteries and allows easy access to them. The back cover gives easy access to the batteries. Hence, they are swapped easily.

There aren’t any raised bezels, which might not watch over the scratch problem. Though there is lay on the table design, not only giving it an artistic edge but it also protects it from impacts.

The interchangeable 3200mAh battery of the iBattz Mojo changes the battery game of iPhone 7. The vision for this case came after the success of iBattz Mojo cases for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S, and 6/6S. These cases were given the highest ranking in iLounge’s Highly Recommended products. The case for iPhone 7 covers has the latest 3D printing technologies, giving an arty look to it.

This case provides unlimited battery for unlimited usage.


$130 on the official iBattz site.

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