Casetify Impact Case

The recently launched iPhone X is perfect eye candy, with the new and even improved features and better and upgrades software, catering you with the best you can get and carrying the simplicity it had since the first launch. It is crafted to perfection and who would want to get their hands on this beauty with a wider screen and a better camera and updated software along with all the other excellent features. If you are a crazy Apple fan and happy to spend all that money, it is definitely worth a buy and it would never disappoint you with the lacking or the software issues. Its sleek design is a what catches the eye and makes an impact. The camera that is so good, which will capture at its best.

If you aspire to buy the new iPhone X you would definitely want to protect it too, here is a solution for that too.

Casetify Impact Case Review

Here is a review for you if you are having a second thought about which cover to buy, this review might help you.


It has a beautiful design which will add the character to your X. It is an aesthetic design for you to suit your personality and make you and your phone to stand out in the crowd with the unique and exclusive design. You can choose from hundreds of designs and this snap-on have that color and design which will add that extra inch of color and craziness. It adds that comedy to your phone conversation and the uniqueness.

Make a Statement

It is an eye-catching design which is a modern and a very new style and a literal treat for your phone. It is a reflection of the art of different artists, which make a statement and make an impact. It also allows a liquid glitter effect which makes it look more aesthetically pleasing and adds into the beauty and style of the phone. This magnificent case makes your phone apart from the others.


It consists of a dual layer that ensures the protection. It is made from the brand’s very own shockproof material. It gives your X full proof protection that keeps it safe from the scratches or the accidental dropping. It is crafted to secure your phone at the fullest that you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone anywhere. It gives your phone all-round protection and a versatile style. With this amazingly made the cover, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your phone. It is prone to frequent scratches and prevents it from breaking. It is made with these excellent properties of protection

Quality Meets the Price

It is for £35, which is not so high. It will not be very heavy on your pocket and definitely won’t cost you an arm. It is a very good quality case, that too as reasonable as this. If you want a pocket-friendly case this has to be your pick. It comes with all the good qualities and a very good and reasonable price.


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