CASETiFY Frenchie Summer Style case for iPhone 7

Hiding too much of your iPhone 7 can make you look outdated or awkward sometimes. But if you own an iPhone 7 Jet Black, we respect you covering your device this much as scuffs and scratches could ruin the goodness of your phone and mood too.

So, you gotta be careful and have some equilibrium sort of a situation when having an iPhone 7 as you’re supposed to flaunt it and then get back-foot to hide it as it doesn’t show much resistance from scratches and even the slightest harsh touches.

So we care for you and here’s our review of one of the fashion-meets-function cases that good enough to get your hands on it in the first place.


Is it your cup of tea?
If you’re a pet-lover or more specifically a dog-lover then this case is the find of the year for you. While taking a first glance, having the dog photo on back; it looks nice like never before. But if a question regarding its protection has popped in your mind; thinking that this case is only something glitzy to offer, sadly we are going to prove you wrong all the way as this case is 6.6 ft. drop test approved; which means comprehensive protection for your device.

The double layered protection with qitech (trademark) on the charge this case is equally effective against the scuffs, dings and scratches.

This case will take a dog-lover to cloud nine as its cute-looking print on the back and the inner material is good enough to provide you protection around the clock. Even with the two-layer protection, this case doesn’t add a few extra ounces on your phone. That means you getting slim and sleek phone to exhibit in your parties and functions without thinking too much about the looks of your phone.

The print on this case witnesses a dog anime wearing spectacles and that sound quite eye-grabbing or catchy in the first place.

The cuteness is guaranteed with this case and simultaneously it has enough toughness to bear your daily hectic routine. It works superbly against the scratches, dings, and drops. The beautifully carved out from the ports and buttons this device is must-have for those who keep elegance as their topmost priority. The high-quality material ensures it to last long with your device without going through the wear and tear.

Damage on Pocket
$45 USD

Colour Options

  1. Silver
  2. Golden Black
  3. Grey
  4. Red
  5. Rose Gold

What it is made up of?
qitech™, polycarbonate

Value for Money (VFM)
This device works rightly whether you looking for the protection or you’re focused to keep things talking with your style. This case gives ultimate protection to your iPhone 7 365 days a year and that without a single holiday. 

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