Case-Mate Zero for iPhone 7

When it comes to phone cases, the most we want is protection, aesthetics and which is easy to carry and hold.

Several chunky phone cases are available in the market, but what use are them when you cannot even fit them in your pockets.

A good phone case is the one that slides into your pockets easily and does not prove to be extra baggage. The Case-Mate Zero for iPhone 7 is for those individuals that require their phones to be light and manageable.

This review states the features and price point of Case-Mate Zero for iPhone 7

Case Specifics for the Case-Mate Zero

The Case-Mate Zero is a slim case comprising of 2 skins. It has full front and back protection that clips onto your phone neatly. The light bodice is more of a skin than a case. It is of 0.4 mm thickness. Weighing 13.6 grams. Providing the ultra slim experience.

Built-in Screen Protector

It has a built-in screen protector. Gone are the days when you always ended up battering your iPhone screen. The phone is saved from dust and debris that can leave scratches on your phone. So, the entire surface of your phone is enveloped into the cover. This case is composed of rigid plastic, will also prevent the phone from bending mishaps.

Sharp and Neat Look

The integration of the screen protector with the back protector gives an overall smooth and neat look with for sharp edges or corner. The smooth finish with its glossy appearance gives a very chic look to your phone. If you own an iPhone it must look the part too.

Rugged Zig-Zag Back Pattern

With smooth round edged covers, there is a probability of the phone slipping from your hand. The Case-Mate Zero has a zig-zag pattern on its back cover. This grain finish gives a rugged feel to the backside. This will support you to maintain your grip on your phone. It will also prevent the phone from sliding off smooth surfaces. When this case is on your cover, a 360 coverage will ensure the phone is snug in the case and there are no loose ends.

Clean Cutouts

There are cutouts made to make access to ports easier. Another cutout on the back cover showing off the Apple Logo. The phone case being slim doesn’t hinder the camera lens view as other bulky cases do.

Colors Available

On Amazon dark grey and silver grey available. It is also known as space grey. Both colors are unique but quite sophisticated. You can rock it in any occasion.

Price Range

Amazon is offering a new case of $29.95. Though used ones are also available in lesser prices. For this price point, it is definitely worth trying out. This cover is easy on the eyes, quite decent colored and has good quality material.

The Case-Mate Zero fitted case is a must-have in your collection of iPhone covers. Rock the metallic grey look in your iPhone 7.

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